UK anti-Brexit group fears Strabane will ‘feel the pain’

Thursday, 13 July 2017

ONE of the top organisations campaigning in the UK against leaving the European Union (EU) has warned people in Strabane that a 'frictionless border' with the Republic was a 'fantasy'.

The long-term Remain campaigners, 'Britain Stays' have claimed that along with at least 16 million other Britons, it had no confidence that the current Government will be able to navigate through the Brexit nightmare.

"I have felt all along the the narrative being pushed by Leave during the referendum and the Conservative party since the election was never achievable, said spokesman, John Hill.

"The concept of a Brexit with "frictionless borders" is a fantasy. I can understand that it must be hugely worrying for people in Strabane as we face a return of a hard border between the North and South.

"I have been looking for someone to explain how we can leave the Single Market and Customs Union and avoid a hard border for over a year now and have not found anyone yet. I suspect that is because it can't be done," he said.


Mr Hill claimed what he called "the lies" did not stop with the border issue, but also the economy.

"The UK trade will just dry up if we cannot easily move goods backwards and forwards around the EU. To do that needs manufacturing and packaging standards that can be relied upon and that is what the EU laws give us and what the ECJ enforces. It is not scary or sinister, just good common, business sense and the £1 billion bribe to the DUP will seem like small beer when we start losing jobs across the UK."

He added: "I really think that the mood has changed now as people realise that they have been lied to and it is not too late. The Article 50 notification can be revoked or changed, it is one more lie from the extreme Leavers that say it cannot be revoked."

Mr Hill said in his opinion the only way for local people to stop Brexit was for politicians to understand that the 'people' have changed their mind.

"Campaigners like myself have been working for the past year to expose the lies that are still being told. We had some success with the general election and the fact that our 18 to 35-year-olds are now far more engaged in politics is hugely encouraging.

"So what can the people of Northern Ireland do? Understand the issues, understand that they have been lied to. Make their voices heard. Brexit is not a done deal, it is fundamentally flawed and so it will have to be stopped, or it will be a disaster and the first place to feel the pain will be places like Strabane I am afraid," he said.


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